Fa la la la la y'all!

I LOVE to do crafty things but never make the time for it. So Christmas time is the perfect excuse to "have" to make stuff. Found these babies on Pinterest and they are easy and fun in a tedious, crazy-crafty kinda way. 

SUPPLIES: White paint, spray paint (indoor/outdoor), mason jars, plastic animals, twine or ribbon, bells/bobbles, free printable tags, tape, super glue, yummy treats. 

 HOW TO: Prime your animals with white so the dark colors don't show through (this is the tedious part that I LOVED doing. Bring me a whole zoo - I'll prime 'em). Tape the inside of your mason jar "rings" so the inside remains paint free and wont get paint all over your jar top when you screw them on. Spray paint both pieces of the mason jar tops and your primed animals (I did 2-3 coats). Super glue your painted animal to the jar top. Fill your jars with goodies and decorate with string, tags and bobbles (I found FREE printable tags via Pinterest). Voila! A super cute keepsake gift handmade with love! Aaaawwwwwwww - aren't they cute?!?!

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  1. Love your colour choice and how glossy the spray paint is! They look great.