Greenbelts Collar

Leather collar with pink jewels custom made from recycled materials by Shannon from Greenbelts. It rocks!!


  1. What a winner - she looks lovely in her new collar!

  2. She is absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful model. Thanks again Tricia!


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  4. I wanted to say, thanks for your feedback on my comment on the class blog post. I didn't know if you'd see my reply:

    You said "Established artists make it look so easy and struggle free. " That is the problem, indeed- we don't see all the meanderings!

    I saw an interview with an artist i like, and she was saying she kept two sketchbooks, one which she never shared and was full of mistakes and messy and one which she shared.

    I think she did this to have a 'safe' place, but it also hides the process as well.

    Thanks for the insight, and best wishes to you!