plateau jumping

I've noticed since I've started working seriously towards my kids
illustration goals that I have a creativity pattern. I find myself
working hard - sketching, painting, creating in every free moment -barricading myself in the house for weekends at a time. I feel like things are flowing, I'm having real growth and the gumption to get it all done. Then I hit a plateau. Nothing comes to me, the laziness takes over - totally unproductive. I know I'm NOT the only one. It used to get me down which made it harder to get out of. But now I try to ride it out, be present and enjoy the break. I've been enjoying this break.
But I've still been really, really busy with work, a couple creative endeavors and major personal projects - all I will share with you shortly. In the meantime, please check out a couple of finds I've bagged. First great color inspiration...

Then one of my all time favorite illustrators M. Sarah Klise. Her Little Rabbit series is so inspirational to me. Her brush strokes have the spontaneity that I'm striving for - detailed yet simple. Sarah collaborates with her sister and that's just cool! Check out their site and see more.

guess what?

Such exciting news and I'm going to spill it...
I'm going to be an aunt!! By Thanksgiving the extremely talented half of Frizzelstitch will become a mommy and I will have a nephew or niece to spoil, google over and injure (right Cody?)!
We are all over the top happy with the news and I can't believe my little sis is preggers. I introduced myself the other night to the peanut, I hope I was loud enough.
Now...lots to plan - baby shower is #1. I need ideas. Center pieces, games, gift ideas - you name it. Please share if you have anything fabulous that you've come across.


D asked, "Why's the water green?" Because it's my painting!
(click to enlarge)


What's an old salt to do with a day off at sea?
Set anchor, me buckos, and search for booty.

Oh just one sip of rum...ok two, maybe three.
Well, shiver me timbers she's smilin' at me.

What clever distractions from me old treasure quest.
I'll just sit for a spell, get me dungbie some rest!

I swapped this for my super-squirrel from Futuregirl.
I made her a matching stamp too.

happy (snowy) easter

Orange or green?

Bunny tutorial :: Jennifer Murphy (as seen on Martha).
Pom-pom tutorial :: Bella Dia.
Bunny's baby chick :: inspired by Molly Chicken's tutorial.

Thanks to these ladies for sharing there crafty goodness!!

new buddy

Look who arrived at my door today? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
From the talented hands of Futuregirl. How do you do it?
I'm in love. No name yet but the first thought that came to me was that he is a super squirrel. The tail kills me.
Look for your mailman, he should have something special for you...