Surgery & New Space

Bucky's been watching too much plastic surgery TV. He wanted a new face even though I told him I loved him just as he was. Bucky said he looked kind of cockroachy - whatever that means. He was unrelenting so I gave in. He'll look better once the swelling goes down. Now he's asking for eye enlargement surgery. I think he's addicted.



D gave up his manly office space so I could transform it into my art studio (it's still in transition). He also scored me that very cool table in the pic. It was rescued from an old catholic school in the city. After pic to follow!!

The Princesses & the Peanut

Cathy's little one loves elephants and the request was made for elephants to swap. I painted the piece below dipicting her little girls as the princesses unable to sleep. I also made a bracelet using ribbon and a couple of D-rings for her daughter but I've heard it's been confiscated by mom!!

Cathy's Swap

Cathy found my blog and requested a swap. Look at these wonderful pieces she sent to me. Each one has so much detail and her style is very inspirational to me. I love the way she packaged them, each wrapped in a book page and personalized with my name. Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog but as soon as she does I will post that link. I'd love to see more from her! Thank you Cathy!!
**Each of the pieces from Cathy are made of layered paper and foil with inked details, some stamping and glitter to boot!! If you click on the pictures you should be able to see them a little bit bigger. Don't you love them??





Fairies, ogres and gnomes...oh my!!

I got my swap from Courtney today - YEE HAW!! She sent not just one but three wonderful pieces for me! I LOVE them all, thank you Courtney!! Her work is SO cool and more wonderful in person. I'm very lucky to have made the swap now before she becomes rich and famous and too busy to do piddly swaps with lowly bloggers like me. Go check out her SHOP and buy something!!

Title: "Reginald loves his gnome garden!"


This is my entry for Illustration Friday.

I thought these were lame after I finished them this past Fall so I threw them under the spare bed to die. I was experimenting, trying to find my illustration style. I pulled them out today and didn't think they were SO bad. Could this be my style? Oh, I don't knoooowww......

Gorilla song

More embroidery for my gorilla project.

My family will be thrilled to know I cooked a meal for D's 35th birthday and it actually was edible(I never cook!!). We had stuffed mushrooms, slowed cooked country style greenbeans, roasted redskins, and baked porkchops along with a bottle of Pinot Noir from Chateau Chantal (a Michigan vineyard), followed by cake and ice cream. I guess I can't hide behind the "I can't cook" excuse anymore!!

FOR SALE: Have my heart!

This keychain is handmade just in time for Valentines day. If anyone's interested in owning this little guy email me!! $5 plus shipping! SOLD!!

DETROIT: Super Bowl City

The Super Bowl is in town and the city is all a-buzz with excitement. D took me the heart of Detroit to go skating at Campus Martius in the middle of all the football frenzy. The city has never looked better. We had a great night!!