No. 3 - Peacock

My new painting habit was disrupted a bit by the 4th of July holiday but I am getting back in the swing of things. Lisa Daria Kennedy I don't know how you do it?!?!


Starting a painting habit over on the Instagram. I'll post the more successful one's here. Come join me?

hello, bloggerland!

I'm totally enjoying my Lisa Daria Kennedy hangover. My head was so fuzzy with thought about it, I boiled my eggs for an hour and a half instead of my typical 16 minutes this morning. Oh well, we made egg salad. I can't urge you enough to look her up and if she comes to your town please take her workshop. She's an incredible artist and super knowledgeable not to mention a wonderful teacher and a cool chick to boot! It was a real game changer and I am looking forward to filtering what I have learned and applying it to my stuff going forward. Painting is going to become my new daily habit. There could be worse things, right?